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Soos009, some account of the, i. 19.

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South Carolina, opinions concerning A. C. S. held in, vi. 198.
Spalding, Rev. Rufus, a missionary to Liberia, viii. 284. * See «Missions."

His letters, Jan. 11, 1834. x. 120; Mar. 7, 1834, x. 156,
Sprague, Peleg, M. C. defends A. C S. at a public meeting, viii. 348.
Spring, Rev. Gardiner, D. D. His remarks åt the 17th annual meeting of A: C. 8.

ix. 361, 362.
Stewart, Dugald. His remarks on hesitation in attempting social improvem ent,

iv. 182.
Stewart, Mr. viii. 94. See "Emancipation."
Stockton, Robert F. Extracts from his address at the 8th annual meeting of A. C.

S.i. 13.
Stone, William L. His letter Feb. 27, 1833, concerning a payment to bim, riii.

Storrs, Henry R. His remarks at the 12th annval meeting of A.C. S. iv. 369.
Stowe, Professor. His remarks on colonization, June 9, 1884, X. 300.
Stuart, Chas. His Misrepresentations, ix. 268, 272. Calls A. C. S. “Ministers of

hell and children of the devil.” ix. 272. His admissions concerning Libe.

ria, ix. 272, 273, X. 125, 241.
Sugar manufactured from beets, v. 250.
Swift, Rev. E. P., Corres'g. Secretary of the Western Foreign Missionary Society.

His communication of the proceedings of the Board of Directors of that So-
ciety, May 6, 15, 1834, concerning the appointment of the Rev. Jobn B.

Pinney as colonial agent, x. 108.
Tappan, Arthur. His letter, March 26, 1833, concerning A. C. S., ardent spirits,

&c. ix. 65. Remarks thereon, ix. 66.
Tappan, Charles. His donation to the colony of 60 reams of fine paper and a preso,

vi. 160. Offers a further supply of 50 reams of good paper, viii. 286.
Taylor, Dr. Augustus. Extracts from his speech to the Col. Soc. of New Jersey,

i. 282.
Taylor, Francis A. a colonist. Letter from him, vi. 246.1
Taylor, Thomas 0. viii. 94. See “Emancipation.”.
Tazewell, Littleton W. Review of his report to the U. 8. Senate on colonization

memorials, &c. iv. 161, 257. Communication concerning it, iv. 830.
Tchad Lake, in the interior of Africa. Description of it, iis 160.
Temperance. See “Colored People," "Liberia," "Managers of A. C. 8. Proceedings
of the,” “Sewall,"

," "Vaux,” “Williams, A.D." c.
A colored man abstains from the use of ardent spirits for more than twen.

ty-five years, and saves enough of grog money to purchase a library

worth $400, v. 381.
Templeton, Jobn, a free young man of color, delivers an address, July 4, 1829, in

behalf of A. C. S. v. 248.
Terry, Seth. His report to the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of A. C. 8., from the

committee on the administration and affairs of the colony, ix. 367.
Test, Judge John. Extracts from his colonization address at Lawrenceburgh, In-

diana, ix. 68, 109.
Texas, ix. 86. See “Colored People."
Therman, Joshua, a colored man, becomes a member of the Bolivar, (Tenn.) Aux.

Soc. and an annual subscriber to it, and declares his intention of emigrating to

the colony, vi. 179.
Thomas, E. S. of Baltimore, offers a donation of seeds for the benefit of the color

nists, i. 214.
Thomas, Frederick W., agent of A. C. S. Notices of him, ix. 277, 278, 279
Thompson, Elizabeth, a colonist. Her letter, Feb. 18, 1834, x. 189.
Thompson, Capt. T. Penoret. His letter, March 14, 1824, to John Bowning. v. 86.
His letter, May 23, 1830, to Caleb Cushing, vii. 66.

June 6, 1832, viii. 151.
Thornton, Harry J. Extract from his address, in September, 1832, Defore the Mad-

ison county, Alabama, Col. Soc. ix. 124.
Thornton, Dr. William. His early efforts in behalf of the colonizing scheme, i. 87,

His death and character, iv. 81.
Tilden, Dr. vi. 62. See "Emancipation."
7 Taddcheirs of Dr. A. ix. 126. See Emancipation." -
Todoen, Dr. George P. Appointed physician for the colony, the

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Todsen, Dr. George P.-- Continued.


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1997A1 His letters, January and February, 1832, viii. 43–45.
Extracts from his letters, April 26, &c. 1832, viii. 136. aasta w

July 18, 20, 1832, viii. 205, 206. sgid
.10His letter, Sept. 5, 1832, viii. 279.

3. A His visit to U. S. April, 1833, ix. 30.

observations for the benefit of emigrants to Liberia, ix. 232. kuid H
Area Sails for Liberia, Nov. 5, 1833, ix. 287
Toler, Richard H. Pronounces an address before the Lynchburg Col. Soc., Au-
gust 15, 1833, ix. 276. Extracts from it, ix. 297.

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Trinidad, colony slaves v. .
I.18. Beverley, England. Letter from him, May 9, 1833, to the Editor of the

Hull Rockingham, ix. 174.
Tucker, George, M. C. His resolution, March 2, 1825, concerning colonization,

to e Turner, Nat, commits numerous atrocious murders, vii. 215, 216. His confession,

Twining, A. H. Addresses a colonization meeting in New York, May 7, 1834, ix.
- United States, population of, in 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, ix. 17.
62 Van Meter, Miss, vi. 283. See “Emancipation."
a Van Rensselaer, Rev. Cortlandt. His resolutions at a colonization meeting in Al-
52S ix. 249.90

bany, N. Y. concerning the establishment of a High school at Liberia,

His preaching to slaves, x. 254.
Vaux, Roberts. Extracts of a letter froın him, concerning temperance in Liberia,

ix. 249. 12.8
porn Virginia. Petition of the House of Burgesses, April 1, 1772, to the King against

the further importation of slaves into the colonies, ii. 252, ix. 226, 259, n.
A 10 3 Value of lands and slaves in, in 1817 and in 1829, v. 377..

Insurrection in Southampton county, August 21, 1831, vii. 215.
soitesinolós Discussion in the Legislature concerning slavery, &c. vii. 387.

DES Letter from a clergyman to a member of the House of Delegates, viii. 88.
$948: Memorials praying the Legislature to abolish slavery in the whole State,
oggi bes9972 and if such a law be not passed, to abolish slavery gradually in Western

oddeles Virginia, viii. 315.
-19wVirginius.” Extracts from his defence of A. C. S. against Robert Y. Hayne, M.


, Capt

. P. P. His letter, December 14, 1838, concerning the colony, x. 20.
ai eVroom, Peter D. Extract from his speech to the Col. Society of New Jersey, i.

sus Wainwright, J. M., D D. iv. 193. See Missions."

Walker, Rev. Charles, appointed by Mr. Danforth assistant agent for Vermont, viii.
-al miesta 118, 145.

Resigns his agency, viii. 342.
Walker, Cyrus, ix. 126. See “Emancipation.” 19.
XJ Wellace, R. vii. 185. See Emancipation." im Plats
of Ward, Maev. 2. M.Semais retter, October 3, 1824, to Mr. Ashmun, i. 83.


molso ons is His letter, December 24, 1831, concerning a revival among the Baptists in
ers 808

January 17, 1833, to the Rev. Corneliu's Elven, ix. 286.T
Washington, Judge Bushrod, President of A. C. S. Dies at Philadelphia, Nov. 26,

1829, v, 815.
Washington, George. His character, on the principles assumed by certain abolition

journals, &c. ix. 118.
Watson, Dr. Richard. Extract from his sermon, i. 327.
Weaver, Isabella G. Her letter, Nov. 9, 1830, as secretary of the Ladies Col. Soc.

of Richmond and Manchester, to the colonists of Liberia, vii. 25. Answer to

it, February 19, 1831, vii. 116.
Weaver, Capt. Wm. A. His letter concerning the colony, vii. 341.
Webb, Charles H., medical student. Emigrates, in the Jupiter, to the colony, i.

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104, 154. -

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Webster, Daniel. His letter, May 17, 1883, to John Bolton, concerning slavery in

U. S. ix. 188.
Western Reserve College, Ohio. Its relations to the slavery question, ix. 245, 349.
White, Phinehas. States the claims of A. C. S. to the Grand Lodge of Vermont, iv.

o talv H.
Whittlesey, Asaph. His letter, July 19, 1833, ix. 186.
Whittlesey, Elisha, M. C. Extracts from his address, July 4, 1833, before the Tall-

madge (Oh.) Col. Soc. ix. 225.
Wickliffe, Mrs. Mary 0. ix. 126. See “Emancipation.”


La Tour
Wilberforce, William. Extracts from his speech, May 10, 1822, on colonization,
x. 116.

0 %
Williams, Anthony D. vice agent of the colony. Extract of a letter from him, vi.

177. His letters, June 19, 1830, vi. 210, Sep. 10, 1830, vi. 274, Feb.

18, 1832, viii. 43.
He visits the United States, 1833, ix. 158. His testimony concerning the

colony, ix. 181-184, 307–309.

His statement concerning temperance in the colony, ix. 205.
Williams, Lewis, M. C. Extract from his speech at the Sixteenth Annual Meet.

ing of A. C. S. ix. 97,
Williams, Henry, solicits money to purchase his freedom, in order to fit himself for
the ministry, and to labor therein on the

coast of Africa, v. 222,
Williams, Rev. Peter, a colored preacher. His address, July 14, 1834, to the citi-

zens of New York, x. 188.
Williams, Samuel, a native of Sierra Leone. His letter, London, July 21, 1832, to

E. Cresson, concerning Liberia, viii. 189.
Williams, Mr. His speech, May 21, 1831, before the Col. Soc. of Brooklyn, N.Y.

vii. 129.
Williams, Mr. of Elizabeth City, N. C. vii. 217. See "Emancipation,” signy
Wilson, Beverley, a colonist. His letter, March

4, 1834, x. 118.
Wilson, Ephraim K., M.C. His speech at the Fourteenth Annual Meeting of A.

C. E. vi. 356.
Wilson, James, vii. 40. See “Emancipation.”

Wilson, Dr. viii. 94. See"

Wilson and Wynkoop, Messrs., missionaries. Extracts from their report concern.

ing Africa, x. 178.
Winterbottom, Dr. Thomas. His account of the native Africans in the neighbor.
hood of Sierra Leone, i. 69, 132, 164, 193.

His remarks on the agriculture of Africa, i. 100.
Wirt, William. His alleged plan for cultivating the sugar cane in Florida without

slave labor, ix. 30.
"Wm. Penn.” Extracts from his essays in favor of colonization, iv. 139. XES
Woodside, Capt. His testimony concerning the colony, vii. 57.
Workman, Judge

His bequest of $10,000 to A.C.S. viii. 286.
Wright, Rev. Chester. His proposal, March 26, 1833, for educating young men of

color, ix. 93.
Wright, Rev. S. 0. Appointed missionary to Liberia, viii. 284. See “Missions.”

His letter, February 14, 1834, x. 119. His death, x. 154. Death of his

wife, 1. 155.
Young, Rev. John C. Extracts from his address before the Kentucky Col.

1832, ix. 58. See “Emancipation.” ix. 126, kohe omasta retete
«z." His essays in favor of colonization, x. 73,

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