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Moore, Archy, a colored man. His testimony and that of Gloster Simpson, also a

colored man, concerning Liberia, September 11, 1832, viii. 217, September 27,

1832, viii. 249.
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, i. 191. See “Emancipation."
Moravians, The. Their liberality to A. C. S. v. 213.
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Mosby, Charles L. His address before the Lynchbur, Aux. Col. Soc. August 18,

1831, vii. 225.
Mosely, John, an aged colored man. His death and legacies, i. 128.
Moss, Reuben, a colonist. His letter, March 1, 1833, ix. 155.
Munsell, Mr. L., Corresponding Secretary of the Col. Soc. of Kentucky. His gen-

erous offer in aid of Colonization, v. 28.
Murat, Achille. His remarks on slavery in the United States, ix. 87, 88.
Murray, Daniel, iii. 283. See “ Emancipation.
Murray, Hugh, vii. 40. See "Africa."
Naimbanna, the African Chief. 'Biographical sketch of him, ii. 385.
Naval Intelligence, iv. 281.
Negro Race. See Africa,Banneker,” “Colored People,Mitchill,Slavery,"

Slave Trade," Society of Friends."
Observations on the early history of the, i. 7.
Death of a negro in Boston, who spoke five languages fuently and correctly,

ii. 159.
Several negro boys kidnapped in Philadelphia and Maryland, brought to

Mississippi by É. F. Johnson, to be sold as slaves, and rescued by J. W.

Hamilton and J. Henderson, iii. 187.
A high minded slave, v. 249. Benevolence of a negro, vii. 147. Gratitude

in a slave, viii. 91.
Nelson, H. I. a colonist. His letter, July 16, 1832, viii. 207.
Nevins, Rufus L. His letter, remitting $100 to the N. Y. Col. Soc. x. 255.
New York. Extracts from her emancipating law, iii. 155.

Riots in, x. 190. Proceedings of the N. Y. City Col. Soc. concerning

them, July 10, 22, 1834, x. 190, 255.
Nichols, John, offers to sell a valuable property in Virginia, in order to relieve

himself from a dependence on slave labor, v. 186.
Nicholson, Capt. iv. 95 See “Liberia.
Niger, the river. Theories concerning its course and termination, iv. 106, 151.

See “Donkin,” “Lander."
Commercial enterprises prompted by the discovery of its source, vii. 282, viii.

89, 90.
Expedition fitted out by the Messrs. Lairds of Liverpool, to explore it, viii.

Niles, Hezekiah. Extracts from his Weekly Register concerning slavery in the

United States, i. 179.
Extracts from his Weekly Register concerning resolutions of Mr. King and

Mr. Tucker, i. 278.
Liberia, ii. 156.
free and slave labor, iii. 48.
encouragement by the Brit-

ish of the emigration of free

blacks to Canada, v. 345.
servile insurrections, &c. vii.

North Carolina. Law prohibiting the teaching of slaves to read or write, vi. 343.

Anticipation of a servile insurrection in that State, vi. 383.
Bill introduced into her Legislature to raise a fund, by a tax of ten cents on

every black poll in the State, for the removal of free persons of color to

Liberia, vii. 313.
Law prohibiting colored persons from preaching or acting as class leaders,

vii. 388.

Extract, concerning slavery, from an address by Wm. Gaston, viii. 191, 192.
Norton, John T., becomes a subscriber on Gerrit Smith's plan, iv. 95.

Sends to A. C. S. $1093 29, in part of a subscription of $3,000, proposed

to be raised in Albany, N. Y., for the purpose of settling in Liberia 100
temperance emigrants in a village or settlement to be called Albany, a. 107.

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Dhio. Immigration and settlement of 79 blacks and mulattoes. Remarks of the

Ohio State Journal thereon, iii. 254.
Decision of the Supreme Court of tie State, that the law regulating the set-

tlement of colored people is constitutional, v. 185. See v. 248.
Proceedings, of, tor preventing the importation of colored persons from other

States, vii. 313.
Onderdonk, the Right Rev. Benjamin T. His letter, July 12, 1834, to the Rev.

Peter Williains, x. 185
Orr, Rev. Isaac, appointed general Agent and assistant Secretary of American C.

S. iv. 253.
His plan for the establishment of State Colonization Societies, with subor-

dinate associations, throughout the Union, iv. 373.
son, Rev. Jacob. Some account of him, iv. 283.
Jurang Outang, An, purchased by Dr. Mechlin, Colonial Agent, vii. 17.
'age, Mrs. Ann R. viii. 155, X. 286. See “Emancipation.
'age, Lieut. Commandant Benjamin, U. S. Navy. Extracts from his letter April

9, 1832, to the Secretary of the Navy, viii. 138.
His statements concerning the Colony at a public meeting in New York,

ix. 190.
'age, John, Governor of Va. His letter, Feb. 2, 1805, communicating to the Le-

gislature a correspondence with the President of the U. States concerning

Átrican Colonization, viii, 105.
aine, Elijah. See “ Auxiliary Societies, Vermont.
Palmas Care, v. 128. 178. See “ Auxiliary Societies, Maryland.
Panaboure Forbana, an African King. Anecdotes of him from Golberry's Travels,

i. 373.
Pardee, George K. Extract from his letter, May 22, 1833, ix. 123.
Park, Mungo. Discovery of part of his journal, i. 157. A document relating to his

death, ii. 161. A reflection of, ix. 117.
Patterson, David, i. 191. See Emancipation."
Paxton, Rev. John D. i. 318, ix. 126. See Emancipation.
Peabody, Wm. B. O. Review of his Address delivered at Springfield, Conn., July

4, 1828, before the Hampden Col. Soc. iv, 225.
Peaco, Dr. John W., U. S. Agent at Liberia, iii. 96.
Pearl, Rev. Cyril, Assistant Agent of A. C. S. for Maine, viii. 342.

His letter on opposition to the Colonization Society, ix. 237.
Perkins, Dr. Alfred E. His legacy of $1,000 to the Ain. Col. Soc. X. 313.
Perry, James, vii. 185. See “Emancipation."
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Philip, Rev. John, D. D. Review of his Researches in South Africa, v. 161, 193,

225, 257, 289, 321, 353. Farther extract from that work, vi. 33.

Extracts from his letter on Africa, ix. 239.
Pinckney, Cnarles C. Review of his Address, Aug. 18, 1829, before the Agricul-

tural Society of S. C. v. 323.
Pinney, Rev. John B., Missionary to Liberia. Ordained in Philadelphia, Oct. 12,
1832, viii. 284.

His letters, Feb. 20, 1833, ix. 60. His letter, Feb. 17, 1833, ix. 94.
Mis-statement in the Emancipator concerning him, ix. 190.
Appointed temporary Colonial Agent of A.C.'s. Oct. 24, 1833, ix. 283.
Sails for the Colony, Nov. 5, 1833, ix. 287.
His letter, March 7, 1834, x. 47.
Extract from his letter, March 7, 1834, to the President of the Ladies' Asso-

ciation Auxiliary to A. C. S. x. 89.
Appointed Colonial Agent, x. 97. See x. 108.
His letter, May 10, 1834, to R. S. Finley, x. 155. His letter, May 10, 1834,

concerning Joseph Jones, x. 209.
Statement of a Colonist concerning him, x. 255.


Lines on the story of the African Chieftain,
The Negro's Dream,
Fourth of July, 1825,
To the first Slave Ship,

i. 96
i. 96
i. 128
i. 256


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V. 64
V. 94


Hymn for the Anniversary of the Norfolk Col. Society,

i. 320
Línes suggested by Colonization proceedings in Boston,

i. 384
The African Boy « Jerningham,'

ii. 63

ii. 132
On reading the biography of the Rev. Samuel J. Mills,

ii. 164
The African Chief. By W. C. Bryant,

ii. 320
Hymn in A voice from Africa,"

iv. 26
Africa. By W. B. Tappan,

iv. 189
Lines on the death of Ashmun, by Mrs. Sigourney,

iv. 286
African Colonization. By John G. Brainard,

iv. 318
Sonnet. Burial of Ashmun,

iv. 319
Appeal to New England for Missions in Africa. By Mrs. Sigourney,

v. 21
Lines to the memory of the Rev. Lott Cary,
Abduht Rahhahman, the Moorish Prince,
Liberia. By Mrs. Sigourney,

1. 318, vi. 192
Africa. By “ A. W. M.” Fredericksburg, Va.

vi. 137
On the publication of the Liberia Herald,

vi. 350
To the memory of Asmun,

vii. 127
Lines on a passage in Major Laing's Journal,

vii. 127
Sonnet to the memory of W. H. Fitzhugh,

vii, 252
The command “Go ye unto all nations,"

ix. 96
Missions to Africa. By Mrs. Sigourney,

ix. 255
The voice of Liberia. By “G.”

ix. 238
Lines written in the church-yard of Richmond, Yorkshire, (England.) By
Herbert Knowles,

X. 284
Polk, Josiah F. Notice of his Agency for A. C. S. v. 220.

His Report of his Agency in several of the Western and South Western

States, vi. 71.

List of officers of sundry Col. Societies forıned under his Agency, vi, 178.
Powell, Mrs. ix. 126. See “Emancipation.
Pretlow, William, vi. 62. See “Emancipation."
Prince Moro, account of, i. 152.
Protest against A. C. S., dated London, July, 1833, ix. 264. Remarks thereon, ix.

257. See “ Duncan."
Prout, Jacob W., a Colonist. Extract of a letter from him, vi. 178. Notice of him,

viii. 383.
"Quo.” His remarks on Dr. S. H. Cox's letter on Abolition, x. 110.
Raban, Rev. J. See “ Missions."
Raikes, R., the founder of Sabbath schools in Liberia, vi. 281.
Randall, Dr. Richard, appointed Colonial Agent, iv. 224.

His letters, Dec. 28, 1828, Jan. 6, 1229, v. 2, 7. His letter, Feb. 16, 1823,
His account, Feb. 15, 1829, of a short journey up the St. Paul's river, v. 160.
His remarks on emigration from the U. $. to Liberia, v. 8.
His death, April 19, 1829, v. 122. Sketch of his life and character, v. 126.

Extracts from his paper in relation to the slave trade, v. 148.
Raymond, Jaraes. iii. 97. See “Slavery.'
Reason, Charles, a descendant of the African race, about 15 years old. His Address

at a Missionary meeting in N. York, vii. 116.
Recaptured Africans. About 130 sent by the U.S. Government to Liberia. iii. 15.:.

Negroes brought to New Orleans by the officers of the U. S. schooner Gram-

pus, vi. 307. See ix. 158, 241.
Intermarriage of recaptured Africans settled at New Georgia, with iemale

emigrants from the U. States, x. 90.

rican Colonization Society,Auxiliary Societies," 8c.
Resolution concerning emancipation and colonization, submitted for

consideration in the Senate of the U. States, Feb. 18, 1825, hy Rufus
King, of N. York, i. 249.
Resolution concerning colonizing the free people of color, subinitted ir:

the H. of R. of the U. States, March 2, *1825, by Mr. Tucker of Va.
i. 249.

V. 124.

v. 15.


Report of a Committee, Mar. 8, 1827, to the H. of R. of the U. S. on

sundry colonization memorials and resolutions, iv. 52.
Review [by W. H. Fitzbugh] of the Report of the Committee of Foreign

Relations in the Senate of the U. S. on sundry colonization inemo.
rials and resolutions, iv. 161, 257. Communication concerning it.

iv. 330.
Memorial of the Ken. Col. Soc. to the Congress of the United States, T.

Appointment of a Select Committee of the H. of R. of the Congress
of the U. S., to inquire into the expediency of an appropriation for

removing and colonizing the free people of color, vii. 338.
Resolution of the Legislature of Virginia, Dec. 23, 1816, i. 249.

il sassed in the H. of Delegates of the Legislature of Virginia, making
an additional appropriation for the colony, of articles manufactured in

the Penitentiary, i. 370.
Report of a Committee of the H. of D. of the Legislature of Virginia, on

colonization memorials and petitions, iii. 337.
Memorial of the Aux. Soc. of Powhatan, to the Legislature of Virginia,
Report of the Committee in the Legislature of Virginia, to whom sundry

colonization memorials were referred, v. 50.
Act of the Legislature of Virginia, Dec. 21, 1816, v. 299.
Memorial of the female citizens of the county of Fluvanna to the Legis.

lature of Virginia, vii. 310.
Bill passed in the H. of D. of the Legislature of Virginia, appropriating

$35,000 for the present year and $90,000 for the next, for colonizing
the free people of color, vii. 387. Lost in the Senate, viii. 29.
Resolution of the H. of D. of the Legislature of Virginia, Jan. 30, 1830,
declaring the expediency of applying to the General Government to
procure a territory or territories, beyond the limits of the U. S., !o
which the several States may remove their free colored population,

vii. 387.
Proceedings of the Legislature of Virginia, on the subject of African

Colonization, including a correspondence with Thomas Jefferson,

President of the U. States, in 1801, 1802, 1804, 1805, viii. 97.
Notice of an Act of the Legislature of Virginia, appropriating $18,000

annually for five years, for the removal of persons of color free at the

time when the Act was passed, [March 4, 1833.] ix. 95.
Resolution of the Legislature of Maryland, Jan. 26, 1818, i. 250, v. 300.
Report in the H. of D. of the Legislature of Maryland, in 1826, i. 383.
Law of Maryland appropriating to A. C. S. $1000 a year, iii. 32, 61.
Extract from a Report to the H. of D. of the Legislature of Maryland,

iii. 369.
Resolutions of the H. of R. of Maryland, March, 1831, in favor of A. C.

S. vii. 30.
Act of the Siate of Maryland, March 14, 1832, relating to people of co-

lor, viii. 25. Managers of the fund created by the Act, appointed,

viii. 61, 189.
Report to the H. of D. of the Legislature of Maryland, of the Commit.

tee on Grievances and Courts of Justice, relative to the colored popu.

lation of the State, viii. 52.
Extract from a Report in the Legislature of Pennsylvania, iii. 368.
Resolution of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, 1829, v. 60, 30€.
Act of the Legislature of Georgia, Dec. 18, 1817, v. 298.
Resolution of the Legislature of Tennessee, i. 250, v. 301.
Resolutions of the H. of Rep. of the Legislature of Tennessee, Septem-

ber, 30, 1832, ix. 282.
Resolution of the Legislature of New Jersey, 1825, i. 251, v. 301.
Extract of a message from Gov. Trimble to the Legislature of Ohio,

iii. 312, 352.
Resolution of the Legislature of Ohio, 1824, i. 251, v. 302.

Jan, 24, 1823, iii. 351, v. 305.
Resolution of the Legislature of Connecticut, 1824, i. 251, v. 302:


Proceedings in the Vermont Legislature, Nov. 1827, on the petition of

the Verinont Col. Soc. iii. 316.
Report of a Counmittee, Jan. 16, 1827, to the Senate of Kentucky, and

resolutions recommended, v. 302. The Resolutions adopted, ii. 351,

Joint resolutions passed by the Senate of Kentucky in 1828, v. 303.
Petition to the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Kentucky,

vii. 211.
Proceedings in the Legislature of Delaware, v. 303.
- Resolution of the Massachusetts Convention, May 31, 1827, iii. 118.
Report of a Comunittee in the Senate of Massachusetts on the memorial

of A. C. S. vi. 144.
Resolutions, Mar. 10, 1831, of the Legislature of Massachusetts, on the

memorial of A. C. S. vii. 60.
Resolution of the Legislature of Indiana, Jan. 22, 1829, v. 306.
Bill before the Legislature of North Carolina, for raising a fund for remove

ing free persons of color from that State to Liberia, vi. 341.
Resolution of the Legislature of Louisiana, concerning the expediency

of promoting the emigration of free persons of color froin that State

to Liberia, vi. 383.
Resolutions of the Legislature of New York, in favor of A. C. S. viii. 61,

Resolutions of the vestry of Christ's church, (Episcopal) Richmond,

Va. July 5, 1830, vi. 279.
Resolution of the Executive Committee of the Domestic and Foreign

Missionary Society of the Protestant (Episcopal church, making a

donation of Bibles and Testaments to A. C. S. vii. 286.
Resolutions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian ch. 1818, i. 272.

lay, 1830,
vi. 91, May, 1833, ix. 159.
Extract from the proceedings of the General Assembly of the Presbyle-

rian church, June 2, 1831. vii. 139.
Resolutions of the Synod of Utica, N. Y. Sep. 18, 1829, v. 247.
Resolutions of the West Lexington Presbytery, April 6, 7, 1831, vii. 93.
Resolution of the Trumbull co. (Ohio) Presbytery, ix. 29.
Resolutions of the Mississippi Presbytery, Oct. 9, 1833, x. 29.
Extract from the minutes of the Synod of New Jersey, Oct. 1834, x. 285.
Resolution of the Synod of Kentucky, Oct. 1834, x. 287.
Declaration adopted at a meeting appointed by the yearly meeting of

the Society of Friends in North Carolina, Jan. 2, 1826, i. 318.
Resolutions of the Virginia conference of the Methodist Ep. ch. ii. 382.
Resolution of the Methodist Baltimore annual conference, iii. 60.
Resolutions of the N. Y. Methodist annual conference, May, 1827, iii.
Resolution of the Ohio Methodist conference, June 18, 1927, iii. 119.
Extract from the minutes of the Ohio district conference of the Metho.

dist Ep. ch. June 18, 1827, iii. 315.
Resolutions of the general conference of the Methodist Ep. church, May

1828, iv. 126.
Resolutions of the Maryland conference of the Associated Methodo

churches, vi. 155.
The Methodist Ep. conference of Ohio pass a resolution in favor of A.

C. S. vi. 312.
Resolution of the Philadelphia conference of the Methodįst Ep. church,

vii. 120.
Resolution of the Ministers of the Methodist Ep. ch. in the Penobscot

district, viii. 312.
Resolutions of the annual conference of the Methodist Ep. ch. ix. 95.
Resolutions, May, 1834, of the N. Y. annual conference of the Methodist

Ep. ch. x. 127.
Extract from the minutes of the Baptind general convention of Ohio,

May 28, 1827, iii. 318.


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