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Address to the Females of U. S. for the schools of Liberia, vii. 13.
Commerce at, vii. 59.
Correspondence between the Ladies' Col. Soc. of Richmond and Manches-

ter, and the Colonists, vii. 25, 115.
Health of, vii. 158.
A schooner of about 60 tons built for it, vii. 186. Completed, and called the

Margaret Mercer,” vii. 251.
Donation of bibles and tracts for, vii. 218.
Mortality of the emigrants at, vii. 250.
Revival of religion in vii. 282, viii. 62.
Two free men of color of Natchez, appointed by their colored brethren to vi-

sit Liberia, &c. viii. 63.
Ladies' society in Louisville, Ky. to aid in the education of females for teach-

ers in Liberia. Its constitution, officers and inanagers, viii. 90.
Map of, to face viii. 96.
The young ladies of a seminary form themselves into a working society, cal.

led the “Liberian Free School Society," and remit a donation, the product
of their industry, viii. 155.
Medical education of young men of color for Liberia, viii. 285, x. 165, 166.
Donations viii. 286. See “Frelinghuysen,” and other particular titles.
Statement showing the present condition of the public schools at Monrovia,

Caldwell, and Millsburg, viii. 303.
Number of men able to bear arms in the colony in March, 1830, viii. 304.
Report, concerning the agriculture of, adopted by the Managers of A. C. S.

Nov. 2, 1832, viii. 336.
Plan of the Massachusetts' Free School in, viii. 382, ix. 241.
Donation of books by friends in England, for the schools and library of the

colony, &c. viii. 347.
Testimony of a young gentleman concerning, ix. 96.
Donation of tracts to, ix. 152.
Free school for the benefit of recaptured Africans, ix. 241.
Its prospects, and the proceedings of the Anti-colonizationists in the United

States, ix. 242.
Appeal of Episcopalians in Monrovia to Episcopalians in U. S. for aid in

building a church, ix. 276.
Condition of Monrovia, ix. 284.
Resolutions of the Managers of A. C. S. January 30, 1834, making certain

changes in the plan for its civil government, e.g. in the number of coun-
sellors, and the mode of paying colonial officers; directing the laying off
of lots of five acres each, and a public farm; the obtaining of a highland
and interior settlement, and the opening of a road to it from Liberia, x. 25

Relative proportion of the number of manumitted slaves and recaptured Af-

ricans sent to Liberia, x. 139.
Donation of types, printing-office furniture, other goods, money, &c., from

citizens of New York, x. 146, 147, 217.
Constitution, officers and managers of the New York Female Society for the

support of schools in Africa, Dec. 30, 1833, x. 149.
Proposed donation by a friend of Missions, towards the erection of an Epis-

copal church at Monrovia, x. 191.
Remarks of the Kentucky Commonwealth concerning, x. 207.

a correspondent of the N. Y. Spectator concerning, x. 213.
Its prospects, x. 146.
The Fredericksburg and Falmouth (Va.) Female Aux. Col. Soc. propose to

direct their efforts to promoting female education in, x. 253.
Tabular view of emigrants sent to Africa since the commencement of the

American Colonization Society, x. 292.
Extract concerning the colony, from the Journal of an Officer of the U. S.

Navy, x. 310.

Mode of forwarding letters to the colony, x. 315.
Light, Rev. George C. Extract from his letter, December 8, 1832, viii. 343.

His report, April 1, 1833, ix. 24. His letter, June 6, 1833, ix. 147.

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Louisiana. Arrests in New Orleans, February 8, 1830, on the charge of circulat-

ing “Walker's Appeal,” vi. 29.
Resolutions of the Legislature against the introduction of free people of

color, vi. 29.
Act of the Legislature against the introduction of slaves for sale, vii. 312.

See McDonough, John."
Lowrie, Walter. His special report, February 20, 1834, concerning the Society's

debt, x. 8.
His supplemental report, July 24, 1834, concerning the Society's debt, x.

His report, July 3, 1834, concerning the relations of Auxiliary Societies

to the parent institution, x. 195.
M'Clure, J. H. gives $1000 to A. Ć. S. and proposes to send the same sum annu-

ally for ten years, vii. 347.
M‘Dearmid, Mr. See “Emancipation.
M'Donogh, John. His memorial to the Legislature of Louisiana, Dec. 9, 1833,

praying permission to educate certain slaves whom he designs to send to Libe-
ria, ix. 348, x. 24. Communication of "S. B." concerning his proposition, x.

McDowall, Dr. Robert. Some account of him, ix. 145. Goes to the colony as as-

sistant physician, x. 104, 154.
Macfarland, William H. appointed a Secretary of A. C. S. ix. 374, 375.
M‘Gehee, Dr. Alexander, viii. 331. See “Emancipation.
M'Gill, Rev. George, a colonist. His report concerning the colony, v. 155. His

letter, June 18, 1830, vi. 246.
McKenney, Rev. William. His letter, Dec. 27, 1832, ix. 120.
M‘Kinney, John A. Review of his address delivered before the Hawkins county

(Tenn.) Col. Soc. July 4, 1830, vi. 225.
MÅLain, Rev. A. S. Extract from his letter, September 27, 1833, ix. 281.
M'Lean, Rev. Allen, v. 251. See Case, Elihu."
Madison, James, Ex-president of U. S. His donations to A. C. S. vii. 57, ix. 160.

His letter, Dec. 29, 1831, concerning A. C. S. vii. 370.
Magazine tribe in Africa, religion of, vi. 184.
Malacca, abolition of slavery in, vi. 281.

Resolution, June 8, 1825, concerning the death of Elias B. Caldwell, i. 127.
Resolutions, in 1825, concerning emigration, and delegation to the annual

meeting, i. 159.
Resolution, December 14, 1826, concerning the next annual meeting, ii. 292.
November, 1827,

iii. 286.
October 31, 1828, concerning an expedition to Africa, iv. 253.
January 12, 1829, concerning the aid of Ladies to colonization,

iv. 350.
Resolutions, June 22, 1829, concerning the death of Dr. R. Randall, Coloni.

al Agent, v. 128.
Resolution, September 14, 1829, prohibiting the Colonial Agent from engag.

ing, directly or indirectly, in trade or navigation, at Liberia or elsewhere,

v. 252.
Resolutions, Sep. 28, 1829, concerning tonr:age duty on American vessels

visiting the colony, and the expediency of imposing duties on sales made

there, v. 252.
Resolution concerning a proposed expedition to Liberia, vi. 124.
Resolutions, May 24, 1830, concerning the death of William H. Fitzhugh,

vi. 156.
Resolution concerning the introduction and use of distilled spirits in the co-

lony, vi. 186. See ix. 67,
November 8, 1830, directing the Secretary to prepare an address

recommending the formation of Temperance Societies in the
colony, vi. 333. Extract from the address, ib. Extract, on this
subjeci, from the instructions, May 15, 1834, to the Colonial
Agent, x. 100. Special instructions to him, May 28, 1834, re-
citing some of the previous enactments of the Board in regard
to it, x. 106.

ny, X. 106.

Resolutions, June 28, Nov. 8, 1830, April 30, May 7, 1893, and proposed re-

solution, Dec. 18, 1833, concerning ardent spirits in the colo-
May 29, 1534, concerning a proposed temperance settlement in

Liberia, to be called Albairy, x. 107.
Report, subinitted by $. II. Smith, from the Committee concerning Public

Schools at Liberia, vi. 257.
Resolutions concerning proposed expeditions, and future settlements at Grand

Bassa, Cape Palmas, or the Island of Bulama, vi. 352.
Report of S. H. Smith, March, 1831, adopted by the Board, dividing the U.

s. into five permanent agency districts, and defining the duties of the

Agents, vii. 11.
Resolution, August 19, 1831, moved by R. Smith, treasurer, to appropriate

$5,000 for an expedition from the Western States, vii. 217.
Approving the contemplated purchase of territory at Grand Bas-

sa, and authorizing the employment, in the Colony, of a teach-
er of the Arabic and other laliguages of the interior, vii. 283,

Address, October 31, 1831, fo Auxiliary Societies, vii. 289.
Resolutions and address, November 17, 1831, soliciting aid, vii. 318.
Report on commerce with Liberia, and resolutions for establishing a system

of packets between the United States and it, viii. 29.
Resolutions, October 8, 1832, concerning the death of Benjamin L. Lear, a

manager, viii. 285.
November 26, 1832, concerning the death of Charles Carroll,

President of A. C. S. vii. 316.
Report, presented by S H. Sunith, chairman of a committee on colonial agri-

culture, November 2, 1832, and approved by the Board, viii. 336.

of the Managers to the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. viii. 354.
Resolutio 13, April 16, 1833, to send two expeditions annually from New Or-

leans, and to give to a settlement in Liberia the name of Edina, ix. 57, 58.
Report on Public Lands, presented by [S. H. Smith) and adopted, April 22,

1330, ix, 185, X. 26.
Resolutions, October 7, 1833, concerning the death of Dr. S. B. Balch, a

manager, ix. 243,
May 24, October 7, 1833, concerning the plan of the Maryland

State Society to establish a . 'parate colony at Cape Palmas,

ix. 282.
Special report on the debt of A.C.S. made February 20, 1334, by Mr. Low-
rie, from the committee on the subject, and adopted by the Board, x. 8

See x. 115.
Resolution, May 8, 1831, calling for a supplemental report on the debt of A

C, S. x 91.
Supplemental report on the debt of A. C. S. made by Mr. Lowrie, July 24

1834, and adopted by the Board, x. 163.
Resolution, February 20, 18:4, concerning a loan of $50,000 for paying the

debt of A. C. S. X. 25. See x. 117.
Resolution, January 31, 1831, making certain changes in the plan for the

civil governinent of Liberia, X. 25.
Appeal of the Managers to the public concerning the approaching Fourth o

July, 1934, X. 84
Instructions to the Colonial Agent, May 15, 23, 1831, x. 97, 106,
Resolutions appointing the Rev. John B. Pinney colonial i junt, &c. x. 97.
Appeal to Auxiliary Societies, May 23, 1834, x. 10%,
Resolutions, July 3, 1831, concerning ile death «f Gen. Tafayette, x. 190.
Proceedings, July 2, 3, August 1, 1834, concerning the proposal of the Young

Men's Colonization Society of Pennsylvania, to establish a settlement at
Ba'sa Cove, and to send thither the manoritted slaves of the late Dr.

Hawes, x. 193, 195, 198.
Resolution, August 1, 1834, concerning the proper season for emigration, x.

August 7, 1834, concerning the procureinent of a highland an

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"Margaret Mercer,” the schooner, sails from Philadelphia for the colony, October

18, 1831, vii. 281.
Marshall, Chief Justice. His opinion in the case of a vessel captured and brought

in for adjudication, under the acts of Congress for the suppression

the slave trade, i. 333.
Appointed President of the Colonizatio. Society of the State of Virginia,

Dec. 13, 1828, iv. 307.

His letter, December 14, 1331, concerning A. C. S. vii. 371.
Marshall, Thomas. Review of his speech, January 20, 1832, in the Honse of Del-

egates of Virginia, on the abolition of slavery, ix. 1, 33.
Martinique, slavery in, ix. 285.
Matthews, Rev. Dr. viii. 294. See “Emancipation.
Meade, Rev. William. Extracts from his address at Winchester, Va. July 4, 1825,

i. 1.16.
Assistant Bishop of Virginia. His letter 10 E. Cresson, viii. 86.

His remarks at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. ix. 355,
Mechlin, Josephi, jr. His letter, April 22, 1329, v. 122. Appointed Colonial Agent,

v. 221.
His letter, August 31, 1829, to the Managers of A. C. S. v. 279. His let-

ter to the Secretary, v. 282.
His letter, March 20, 1830, vi. 59. He visits the United States, May, 1830,

vi. 90.
Returns in the Carolinian to Liberia, October 20, 1830, vi. 232.
His letter, Dec. 11, 1930, vii. 18._llis letter, January 22, 1831, vii. 21.
His letter, February 21, 1831, to E. Cresson, vii. 46. His letters, July 21,

30, August 31, June 16, 1831, vii. 257, 261, 270, 301.
Extracts froin his letters, Nov. 11, 12, 1831, vii. 342, 313.
His letter, Dec. 14, 1831, viii. 33. His letter, January, 1832, viii. 38. Hi.

letter, January 25, 1832, viii. 39. His letter, April 28, 1832, viii. 106
His letter, April, 1832, viii. 129. His letter, May i, 1832, viii. 193.
His letters, July 13, 1832, viii. 193, 244. His letter, September 8, 1832

viii. 278. His letter, September, 1832, viii. 293. His letter, Dec. 31

1832, vii. 379.
Extracts from his letters, Feb. 28, March 8, 1939, ix. 119, 121.

letier, March 7, 1833, to a gentleman in Philadelphia

ix. 141,

letter, July 31, 1833, ix. 243.
Returns to United States, ix. 348.
Mercer, Charles F., M. C. His early etsorts in behalf of colonization, i. 88.

His address at the Tenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. ii. 358.
His remarks at the Twelfth

jy, 362.
Extracts, showing the early history of A. C. $. from his speech at a publii

dinner given to him at Charleston, Kenawha county, Virginia, ix. 265
Mercer, Miss Margaret, iv. 380. See Emancipation.Extracts of letters fron

her, concerning A. C. S. ix. 219, 339.
Merrick, J. I. iii. 283. See Emancipation."
Mexico, abolition of slavery in, v. 317, viii. 21.
Mill, John S. Sketch of his character, by Mr. Ashmun, i. 239.
Mills, Rev. Samuel J. Tribute to his memory, i. 63.
Mills, Rev. Thornton A. His letter concerning the second western expedition to

Liberia, ix. 126.
Minge, David, i. 191. See “Emancipation.
Minor, A. ix. 126. See “Emancipation.
Missions. See "Africa,Barr,Bickersteth,Blumhardt,Cox, Rev. Mel-

ville B.Philip, Dr. John,Pinney," "Sessing,Skinner, Rev.
Benjamin R.Swift,Wilson and Wynkoop,Wright, kev. S. 0."

Account of Moravian Missions in the West Indies, i. 94.
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, i. 243. Their

proceedings in regard to missions to Africa, iii. 253. Propose a nis-

sion to Western Africa, viii. 382, ix. 128.
Letters from Dr. Theophilus Blumhardt, Superinterdent of the Mission-

ary College, Basle, Switzerland, i. 324, iii. 362, iv. 206, v. 24, 285, yi.



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Letter from Mr. Ashmun to Dr. Blumhardt, iii. 257.
Proposal of a Methodist clergyınan to become a missionary to Liberia,

ii. 222.
Purpose of the Episcopal Foreign Missionary Society in Philadelphia to

send a missionary to Liberia, ii. 347.
German mission to Liberia, iii. 183. Mission to Abyssinia, iii. 188.
Purpose of the Society of Domestic and Foreign Missions of the Protes-

tant Episcopal Church to send a mission to Liberia, iii. 270.
Extract from a speech of the Rev. J. Raban, an English missionary at

Sierra Leone, iv. 28.
African Mission School Society, iv. 186. Review of a discourse on the

occasion of forming it, by J. M. Wainwright, D. D.; and of the ad-

dress of its Executive Committee, &c. iv. 193.
African Mission School in Hartford, Conn. iv. 375.
Mission to South Africa, v. 252.
Swiss mission to Liberia. See ante “ Letters from Dr. Theophilus Blum-

hardt,” v. 286. Discontinued for the present, vii. 283.
Deaths of the Rev. Radolph Dietcshy and the Rev. John Buhrer, two

German missionaries to Liberia, vi. 89.
Extracts from the report of the Board of Directors of the African Mis-

sion School Society, presented to the Society at Hartford, Conn., Au-
gust 6, 1830, vi. 260.
Methodist mission to Liberia, vi. 335.
Account of the annual meeting of the Young Men's Missionary Society

of New York, auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Methodist

Episcopal Church, vii. 116.
Extract from an address of the Rev. Mr. Moffet, missionary at Lattakoo,

South Africa, vii. 213.
Intelligence from the missionaries of the Paris Society in South Africa,

viii. 90.
Two young men, graduates of the Theological Seminary at Princeton,

N. J. designated for Africa by the Western Foreign Missionary Soci-

ety, viii. 246, 252
Ordination of the Rev. Joseph W. Barr and the Rev. John B. Pinney,

missionaries to Liberia, viii. 284.
Rev. Rufus Spalding, and Rev. S. O. Wright, appointed by the Young

Men's Foreign Missionary Society, missionaries to Liberia, viii. 284.

See “Spalding," "Wright, Rev. S. 0."
Annual meeting of the Monrovia Baptist Missionary Society, ix. 219.
Missionary efforts of the Liberian colonists, ix. 242.
New England mission to Liberia, ix. 255.
Mission to West Africa, by the Western Foreign Missionary Society at

Pittsburg, Penn. ix. 284.
Missions to Western Africa, South Africa, Eastern Africa, African Is-

lands, ix. 344.
Names, stations, &c. of sundry missionaries, ix. 346.
First anniversary meeting of the Young Men's Missionary Society of

the Eleventh Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, X. 96.

Opening for missions in Liberia, x. 183.
Missouri, slavery in, v. 63.

, Dr. Samuel L. His examination of a pupil of the New York African Free
School, vi. 303.
Moffet, Rev. Mr. Extract from his address, vii. 213.
Monroe, James, Ex-President of the United States, elected President of the Lou-

doun county (Va.) Aux. Col. Soc. i. 222, 286.
His declaration that he never would consent to emancipate the slaves with-

out sending them out of the country, v. 309.
His letter, when Governor of Virginia, June 15, 1801, to the President of

the United States, concerning colonization, viii. 97.
His letter, when Governor of Virginia, December 21, 1801, communicat-

ing to the Legislature a copy of his correspondence with the President

on that subject, viii. 102.
Montgomery, James. His tale “ The African Valley," v. 129.

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