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Friends, Society of-Continued.

Carolina to Liberia, Hayti, and the Free States, as they may prefer, iii.

Have removed from North Carolin 1652 persons of color, and an unknown

number of husbands, children, and wives, connected with them by con-
sanguinity ; in doing this liave expended $12,769 50, and have remain-

ing under their care 402 persons of color, vi. 319.
Emigrants by the Criterion, who I ad been under their care, vi. 319.
In Philadelphia, contribute about $2,700 to al expedition by the brig

American, viii. 155.
In London, authorize their brethren in North Carolina to draw on them to

the amount of $2,000, to aid the colonization of the colored people

under the care of the latter, viji 345.
Funston, Mr. ii. 52. See Emancipation.
Gales, Joseph, Senr. Elected Treasurer of A. C. S. ix. 574, 375. His plans con-

cerning the fiscal relation of the colony to A. C. S. x. 100—103.
Gamble, Theophilus, ix. 284. See “ Emancipation."
Garrison, William L. His Thoughts on African colonization, viii. 271, 346, ix. 93,

Is about to embark for England, as agent for the Anti-Slavery Society of

New England, ix. 29.
Opinion in Lih ia of his proceedings, ix. 242.
Remarks on him, from the Edinburgh Phrenological Journal, ix. 270.
His abuse of the Rev. Joseph Tracy and his brother, x. 162.

His unfairness, x. 227, 228.
Gaston, William. Extract, concerning slavery, from his address before a literary

and philanthropic society in North Carolina, viii. 191, 193.
“G. B." His conditional offer to contribute $100 to transport four emigrants to

Liberia, vi. 90.
Georgia, introduction of slaves in, iii. 157, v. 346.
Givens, Thomas. Statement of Martha Snetter concerning him, x. 754.

Extracts from his travels, i, 308, 373, ii. 15, 27, 10.
Gold Coast, customs of the, iii. 110. Settlements on the, iii. 136, 170, 229.
Grand Bassa settlement, ix. 242. See “Leiper."
Grand Cape Mount, iii. 123.
Gratton, Peachy. Extracts from his address before the Aux. Col. Soc. of Rocking-

ham counts, Va. i. 175.
Gray, Major William. His travels in Western Africa, i. 228, 263, 291.

Joseph A. viii. 94. See Emancipation.
Green, Andrew, a colonist. Extract from his letter to his former mistress, viii. 281.
Green, Beriah. His denial of the correctness of a statement in the African Re.

pository, ix. 349.
Green, James S. Extracts from his speech to the Col. Society of New Jersey, i.

Green, L. W. vii. 217. See “ Einancipation.
Greenfield, Elizabeth, vii. 217. See Emancipation.
Grigg, John. His donation to the Colony, vi 250.
Grimke, Thomas S. His services in arranging the affairs of certain emigrants from

Charleston, S. C. viii. 348.

His death, x. 286. Notice of his character, x. 289.
Gurley, Rev. Ralph R., Secretary of A. C. S. See American Colonization Society."

His speech at its Eighth Annual Meeting, i. 17.
His review of Memoirs of the life of Granville Sharp, ii. 1, 33, 65, 101, 133,

165, 197, 229.
Addresses, on behalf of A. C. S. a public meeting in New York, ii. 195.

do at Hartford, Conn. after
which it was resolved to form the State Col. Soc. iii. 63.
Do the Massachusetts Convention, iii. 118.
His letter, December 8, 1827, to John Early, iii. 289.
His remarks at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of A.C. S. iv. 368.
His review of C. C. Pinckney's address, v. 328.
His remarks on South Carolina opinions of A. C. S. vi. 193.
Addresses, on behalf of A. C. S. a meeting of the clergy of the City of New

York, vij. 125.

Gurley, Rev. Ralph R.--Continuerl.

His remarks on certain statements of W. L. Garrison, viii. 316.
His letter, April, 1333, to Henry ibbotson, ix. 51.
Addresses colonization meetings in Philadelphia, ix. 150, 315.

in New York, ix. 153, 189, 247, x. 91, 127.
a colonization mecting in Boston, ix. 188.
His letter, June 7, 1933, to the Editor of the Hartford Mercury, ix. 205.
Addresses a public meeting in Newark, N. J. ix. 277.

in Brooklyn, N. Y. ix. 279
public meetings in Hudso., Catskill and Troy, N. Y. ix. 314.
His return froin the North, ix. 313.
His letter, April 18, 1834, concerning the colony, to the Editors of the

New York Commercial Advertiser, x. 60.
His remarks on the priciples of A. C. S. April 23, 1834, x. 65.

Misrepresented by the “Liberator," &c. X. 133-137.
Gustice, Mr. à colored Methodist preacher in Maryland. $600 raised in Philadel-

plia to purchase the emancipation of hinself, his wife, and four children, vi.

Hamilion, Dr. Silas, vi. 378. See Emancipation.
Hanks, Rev. Mr. ix. 234.' See Emancipation.
Hargraves, George. His donation of $500 to A. C. S. viii. 93.
Harper, Charles C. Extracts, concerning colonization, from his address to the Vo-

ters of Baltimore, ii. 188.
His letter, July 15, 1327, to Mr. Gurley, iii. 149.

His speech at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of A.C. S. iii. 323.
Harrison, J. B. His discourse before the Lynchburg Col. Soc. July, 1827, iii. 193.

His address at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iii. 331.
Harvey, Mr. a colonist. Extracts from his address, delivered on a colonial anni-

versary, ix. 56.
Hatter, Eliza, a colonist. Extract of a letter from her, viii. 280. Her letter, July

12, 1832, to her former mistress, viii. 281.
Hawes, Dr. Ayiet#, ix. 218. See Emancipation.X. 126, 151, 1934–198, 286.
Hayti. Testimony of Thomas Kennedy concerning the condition of emigrants sent

thither by the Society of Friends in N. C. v. 61. See 62, 183.
Treaty of Vrance with, recognising its independence, v. 252.
Colonization in, and Canada, compared with colonization in Liberia, viii.

Henley, Capt. J. D. iii. 283. See Emancipation."
Henshaw, Charles.i. 191. See Emancipation.
Henton, Silas, ix. 284. See Emancipation.
Hersey, Rev. John. Extracts from his letter to the Editors of the New York Chris-

tian Advocate, x. 59.

Extracts from his letter to E. Cresson, x. 286.
Hewit, Dr. His remarks on Anti-colonizationism in old times, x. 189.
Hilarity, the schooner, arrives in Baltimore with news from the colony, ix. 158.
Hobby, Thomas, Agent of the Augusta (Geo.) Col. Soc. sails in the Hercules for

the colony, viii. 348.

Addresses the Connecticut Col. Soc. ix. 124.
Hobron, John, ix. 126. See Emancipation.".
Hodgkin, Thomas, M. D. His letter, July 4, 1832, concerning A. C. S. viii. 340.

Review of his Inquiry into the merits of A. C. S.. x. 225.
Extracts from his remarks on the British African Colonization Society,

x. 308.
Hodgson, Wm. B. His letter, June 1, 1829, to Peter S. Duponceau, concerning

the Fallatahs, Central Africa, and the A. C. S. v. 337.
Further notice of him, v. 381.

Notice of his letters on the Berbec language, vii. 109.
Hoffman, Peter, appointed a commissioner to superintend the emigration of the

people of color from Maryland, x. 313.
Hoge, Rev. Samuel D. ii. 220. See “Emancipation."
• Holcomb, G. W. vi. 62. See Emancipation."

Hood, James, ix. 126. See Emancipation.
House, Rev. Isaac S. Agent of the St. Louis Col. Soc. His account of the pro-

gress of the cause in Missouri, ix. 349.

Hubbard, Jeremiah, ot N. C. clerk of the yearly meeting of Friends of that State.

His letter, Niarch 4, 1994, to a Friend in England, x. 33.
His address to the Managers, &c. ot' Anti-slavery and Abolition Societies,

and to all the opponents of colonization, X. 213.
Hucks, Nugent M. a colonist. His letter, July 28, 1833, ix. 285.
Hunt, Rev. Thomas P.iv. 380. See “Emancipation..
Immigration of 10,000 persons in one season to the. Cnited States, viii. 253.
Ireland, William H. viii. 583. See Emancipation. His munificent bequest to A.

C. S. viii. 382, 383.
Isaacs, Cyrene, born a slave. Donation from her estate to A. C. Š. iv. 317.
Jacocks, Gen. vii. 217. See “ Emancipution..
Jamaica, servile insurrection in, viii. 92, 127.
Jetferson, Thomas, President of U. S. His letters, Nov. 24, 1801, Dec. 27, 1804, to

the Governor of Virginia, concerning African colonization, viii. 99, 104.
Extracts from his letter, January 21, 1811, to Joliu Lynd, concerning co-

lonization, x. 270.
His opinions on slavery, emancipation and colonization, x. 266, n. 269,

270, 271, 272.
Johnson, Benjamin, ix. 126. See Emuncipation.
Jones, Rev. Čave. Extracts from bis letter concerning his emancipated slaves, i.

Joseph, a colored man. His examination by the Kentucky Col. Soc. x. 209.

His conversation concerning. Liberia, x. 211.
Spurious production called his Journal, x. 315, 316.

His examination at Danville, x. 316.
Jones, Gen. Walter. His remarks at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iv.

Moves a resolution at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. and

makes an address concerning the death of its President, Judge Wash-

ington, v. 363.
Addresses the A. C. S. at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting, entering

into a detailed exposition of his views of the true objects and policy

of the Society, ix. 373, 374.
Col. William, viii. 348. See “Emancipation."

His letter, November 3, 1832, ix. 122.

Sir William. His remarks on the Slave Trade, i. 255.
“Journal of Freedom," a new weekly paper established at New Haven, Conn. X.

Kay, Stephen. Review of his travels in Caffraria, x. 140, 169, 199.
Kendall, Amos, Fourth Auditor of the Treasury. Remarks on his Report to the

Navy Department concerning the U. S. Agency in Liberia, vi. 316.
Kennedy, Capt. E. P. His letter, June 22, 1831, concerning the Colony, vii. 153.

Thomas, v. 61, 183. See Hayti.
Kentucky. Loss of the bill in her House of Representatives, more effectually to

prevent the importation of slaves, v. 380.
Indefinite postponement of the bill in her House of Representatives pro-

viding for the Constitutional emancipation of slaves, v. 380.
Tax on non-slaveholders for paying the value of slaves executed for

crimes, v. 380.
Plan for the gradual emancipation of slaves in, vii. 48, 125, 126.
Bill before her House of Representatives to prevent the importation for

sale of slaves from other States, vii. 312.
Key, Francis S. His speech at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iii. 353.

Extracts from his colonization address, November 25, 1828, in Philadelphia,

iv. 298.
His remarks at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iv. 364.
A member of a committee appointed to visit certain cities, in order to solicit

contributions for A. C. S." Addresses a public meeting in New York, v.
253, 341.
His remarks at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. v. 363.

Addresses a public meeting in Philadelphia, October 21, 1829, vi. 138.
Kiah, Stephen. Sketch of his character, by Mr. Ashmun, i. 237.
Killam, Hannah. Extract from her letter, March 13, 1832, viii. 214. Her death,

viii. 214.



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King, Rufus, M. C. i. 249, 278. See “Niles,""*"Resolutions, &c.”
Knapp, Samuel L. His address at the Tenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. ii. 327.
Knowles, Herbert. His lines, written in the Churchyard of Richmond, Yorkshire,

(Eng.) x. 284.
Kosciuszko's legacy, ii. 223.
Kroomen. Governor Ludlam's account of them, i. 43.

Six ot' thein in Baltimore, v. 156.
Ladies. See “Africa,"American Colonization Society," "Auxiliary Societies,"

** Christianity, "Liberia,« Pinney."
Large donation from the ladies of Fredericksburg and its vicinity, v. 30.
Mr. Latrobe's speech, noticing the liberality of the ladies in Baltimore to

the cause of colonization, v. 369.
Mr. Finley's letter, June 8, 1831, noticing the interesting manifesto by the

ladies of Kentucky in the cause of colonization, vil. 207, 209.
Address of the Female Col. Soc. of Georgetown to the Ladies, vii. 238.
Meeting of Ladies in Edinburgh, (Scot.) March 27, 1833, concerning A. C.

S. ix. 147.
Meeting of Ladies in Newark, N.J. Their efforts in the cause of African

education, ix. 219, x. 146, 147, 149.

See ix. 279, 280.
Lafayette, General. Elected a Vice President of A. C. S. i. 17.

His opinion of it, i. 285, iv. 349.
Extracis from his “Conversations, &c." i. 37, 306.
His letter, October 29, 1831, vii. 369.
Resolutions of the Maragers of A. C. S. July 3, 1834, concerning his

deail, x. 190.
Laing, Major A exander Gordon. Rumor of his having been murdered by the Fal-

labs, iii. 157
Contradiction of it, iii. 254.
Extract froin his travels, vi. 336.
Review of his travels in the Timmanee, Kooranko and Solima countries, in

Western Africa, vii. 1, 33, 65.
Laird, Rev. Matthew. His letter, February 25, 1834, x. 85.

His death and that of his wife, x. 154.
Lander, Richard and John. They sail from Portsmouth, Engl. being employed by

Goernment to explore the source of the Niger, and trace it to its termi-

natin, vi. 30.
They discover the course of the Niger, vii. 141.
Richard Lander's interview with the King of England, viii. 89.

Intelligence from him, ix. 29.
and John. Review of their Journal of their expedition, viii. 289,

321, 377.
Intelligence from May 9, 1833, ix. 255.

January 9, 1834, x. 96.
Richard, wounded by the natives, on the Nunn river, and dies, February 2,

1834, x. 117, 221.

His murderers supposed to have been instigated by slave traders, x. 222.
Latrobe, J. H. B. His speech at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iii. 225.
His remarks at the Thirteenth

v. 369.
Latta, Rev. James, Agent of A. C. S. His report, February 14, 1833, ix. 24.

His letter, April 29, 1833, ix. 125.
Latta, Rev Samuel A. Particulars of his agency. His letters, Dec. I, 1831, vii.

376, March 21, 1832, viii. 57, May 4, 1832, viii. 81, July 11, 1832, viii.

"Lattakoo, in South Africa. Conversion of several natives to Christianity, vi. 183.

See “Missions.
Laurie, Rev. James, D. D. See “American Colonization Society,Managers of

A. C. S. Proceedings of the.
His remarks on offering a vote of thanks to Mr. Ashmun, ii. 334.

at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. iv. 369.
His account as Trei surer of A. C. S. submitted to the Seventeenth Annual

Meeting, ir. 895.
Lawrence, John B. bequeaths $500 to A. C. S. vii. 286.
Leather dressing in Africa, iii. 82.

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vad, a colonist. His letter, July 7, 1833, .

woulu wassa, ix.
Extract of a letter from him, dated Edina, Grand Bassa, May 11, 1834, x.

mue, M. His letter, Nov. 9, 1329, concerning the French colony in South Afri-

ca, vi. 173.
ewis, Henry, of Prince George county, Va. murdered by five of his slaves, viii.

IBERIA. See “bels,"Allen, Robert," "American Colonization Society," Ash-

mun, Auxiliary Societies,Bayley,Curey," Cary,Correspon-
dence,Cox," "Crowell,Devany," "Erskine,Farrington,Gurley,"
Jones, Joseph,Kennedy, Capt. E. P.Kilham," Laird, Rev. Matthew,"
Managers of A. C. S, Proceedings of the," "Mechlin,Missions,” “Moore,
Archy,Nelson,” “Nicholson," -- Page, Benjumin," "Pinney,Rondall,
*Recaptured Africans,Richardson, Roberts, J.J." Sessing," " Sewall,

Shane," "Sheldon,Sherman," Sigourney,Silliman," Simpson, G.
- Snetter," "Spalding,Stuart, Charles,Thompson, Elizabeth,» « Tod-
sen,Voorhees," Weaver, Captain W. A. Williams, A. D.Wil-
liams, Samuel," " Wilson, Beverley,” Woodside,Wright, S. O.&c.

--cws from, i. 23; up to Feb. 15, 1825, i. 64; up to April 5, 1825. i. 115; up

to August 22, 1825, i. 219; up to Dec. 31, 1325, ii. 72.
Its history, from December, 1321 10 1323, ii. 110, 142, 173, 211.
News from, up to April 28, 1826, ji. 125; up to May 10, 1826, ii. 183; up to

August 4, 1826, ii. 261-270; 11p to Dec. 6, 1826, ii. 376_-380; up to Feb.

1827, iii. 29; up to March 9, 1927, iii. 9.1; up to June 16, 1827, iii. 208
-216; up to Aug. 28, 1827, iii. 232; up to Sep. 25, 1327, iii. 297; up to
Dec. 21, 1827, iii. 379; up to March 3, 1828, iv. 63, 82; up to May 7, 1828,

iv. 127; up to July 22, 1828, iv. 209, 234.
Rumor of an explosion of the Colonial Magazine, in which ten persons were

killed, iv. 330, v. 2, 10.
News froin, up to January 6, 182o, v. 7; up to April 22, 1829, v. 122; up to

Aug. 31, 1829, v. 279; up to March 20, 1830, vi. 19; up to April 20, 1830,
vi. 177; up to June 19, 1830, vi. 210; up to September 14, 1830, vi. 273:
up to Feb. 1, 1831, vil. 17; by the Java, vii. 126; up to Nov. 13, 1831, vii.
312; by the brig Criterion, vii. 379; up to July 20, 1832, viii. 193; by the
brig Liberia, viii. 297 ; up to Feb. 21, 1833, ix. 17; up to April 24, 1833,
ix. 144; up to April 13, May 18, 1833, ix. 158, by Dr. Mechlin, ix. 348; up
to May 10, 1834, x. 154.
Three anniversaries celebrated in, i. 157. Liberia, fifty years hence: a tale,

ii. 240.
Statistics of, ii. 270. Its officers, civil and military, for the political year,

beginning September, 1826, iii. 125.
A means of abolishing the slave trade, iii. 129, 161.
History of establishments recently inade by the Colonial Government of Li-

beria on the coast of Africa, iii. 143.
Donation to, from a mechanic of Springfield, Mass. iii. 188.

of a library for the Girls school at Monrovia, iii. 189.
Curiosities from, iii. 172.
Its civil officers for the year beginning September 21, 1827, iii. 297. Justi-

ces of the Peace in, iii. 297.
Address of the colonists to the free people of color in the United States, iii.

Testimony of Capt. Nicholson, of U. S. Navy, concerning it, iv. 95.
6,000 lbs. of coffee of, offered for sale in Richmond, Va. iv. 318.
Presbyterian school in, v. 342.
Liberia Herald, ii. 128, vi. 85, vii. 17, 25, 26, 277, 379, viii. 92, 208, ix. 18,

56, 144, 158, 219, 241, 242, x. 122, 156, 217.
Donation of a paper and printing press to, from Charles Tappan, vi. 160.

of merchandise by Charles Bird, and of books and atlases by Jno.

Grigg to, vi. 250.
System of education for the colony, vi. 257. Presbyterian church in, vi. 280.
Orphan school in, vi. 281. Sabbath School Society in, vi. 281.
Temperance in, vi. 333, viii. 128, ix. 205, 206, x. 90, 106, 107.

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