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AUXILIARY Societies-continued.
In Tennessee : Officers and Managers of the Bolivar Aux. Soc., vi. 179.

Auxiliary Societies of Summerville,
Memphis, Covington, Jackson, Paris, Clarksville, Franklin, Co-
lumbia, Shelbyville, Winchester, Rutherford co., Sumner co.,
Knoxville, Blount co., New Market, Washington co., Kings-

port, vi. 179—181.
In Virginia : Auxiliary Societies of King William county, at Charlottesville,

in Fiuvanna county, at Hampden Sydney College, i. 157; in
Powhatan county, Lynchburg, Hanover county, Kenhawa

county, i. 192; in Loudon county, in Nelson county, i. 222.
Female Liberian Society of Essex co. i. 320.
Annual Meeting of the Richmond and Manchester Col. Soc.

January 16, 1826. i. 337. Its proceedings, December 15, 1828.
Change of its name to that of The Colonization Society of the

State of Virginia.Its officers and Managers, iv. 307.
Proceedings of the Colonization Society of the State of Virginia,

June 19, 1831, vii. 149. Its second annual meeting, Jan. 4,
1833, officers and managers : Extract from the Report of the
managers, ix. 24. Its proceedings at a called meeting, June
17, 1833, ix. 151. Address of a committee appointed at that

meeting, ix. 152.
Annual Meeting of the Petersburg Aux. Soc., December 23, 1825.

i. 339. Extracts from its Report, i. 341.
Fifth Annual Meeeting of the Norfolk Aux. Soc., January 2, 1826.

Extracts from its Report, i. 344.
Aux. Soc. at Fredericksburg, formed February 15, 1826. Officers

and Managers, ii. 30.
Aux. Soc. of Mangohick, King William co. ii. 191. Report of its

Officers and Managers, ii. 192.
Annual Meeting of the Lynchburg Col. Soc. ii. 221. Report of its

Board of Managers, iv. 172. Its proceedings, Report, Officers

and Managers, v. 200.
Officers and Directors of the Aux. Soc. of Berkley co. iii. 28.

Managers of Nelson and Dinwiddie Societies, iii. 28.
Aux. Soc. of Buckingham co. iii. 314.
Officers and Managers of the Amherst co. Aux. Soc. iii. 314.

Mount Zion, Buckingham co. Col.

Soc. iii. 376.
Extracts from the Address of the Rockbridge Col. Soc. iv. 273.

Its Officers and Managers, and Annual Report of the Managers,

ix. 217.
Ladies' Association in Richmond, iv. 285. [See “ Weaver, Isabella

Extracts from the First Annual Report of the Female Col. Soc. of

Richmond and Manchester, v. 375. Extracts from the Report of
its Managers, ix. 149. Its Sixth Annual Meeting, November

26, 1834. x. 314.
Aux. Soc. at Winchester, Frederick co., v. 93.
Letter from the Secretary of an Auxiliary Society in Virginia, on

the plan of purchasing a vessel for transporting emigrants to

Liberia, v. 374.
Female Association formed at Charlottesville, Albemarle co., in-

cluding the University of Virginia, Auxiliary to A. C. S., vi. 89.
Albemarle Female Col. Soc. Officers and Managers, viii. 190. ix.

280. Proceedings at its last Annual Meeting, and Extracts from

its Address, ix. 280.
The Fredericksburg and Falmouth Female Col. Soc. Its efficient

proceedings, vi. 87. Extracts from its Report, May 12, 1832,

viii. 119. Report of its Managers, July 4, 1834. x. 252.
Aux. Soc. in Goochland co. Officers and Managers. vi. 181.
Deep Run Col. Soc. in Henrico co. Officers, vi. 279. [See vii 124.
Sixth Annual Meeting of the Augusta Col. Soc. May 23, 1831. vii.


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In Virginia : Officers and Managers of the Junior Col. Soc. at Richmond,

viii. 59.
Aux.Societies at Clarksburg, Morgantown and Middletown, viii. 344.
Officers and Managers of the Monongalia Col. Soc., ix. 215.

Mecklenburg Col. Soc., ix. 216.
of the Bedford Col. Soc., ix. 216.
Annual Meeting, June 7, 1833, Officers and Managers of the Jef-

ferson co. Aux. Soc. ix. 281.
Constitution, Officers and Managers of the Young Men's Col. Soc.

of Frederick co., X. 27, 28.
In the Territory of Michigan : Proposal for establishing an Aux. Soc. at

Detroit, ix. 124.
In the District of Columbia : Revival of Aux. Societies in Alexandria and,

Georgetown, i. 383.
Aux. Soc. of Alexandria. Officers and Managers, ii. 30. Its Fifth

Annual Meeting, April 14, 1831. Officers and Managers and

Extracts from the Report of the Board, vii. 121.
Aux. Soc. of Georgetown. Officers and Managers, ii. 31. Ex-

tracts from the Report made to its Annual Meeting, December

25, 1830, vii. 120. Officers and Managers, ix. 123.
Ladies' Col. Soc. of Georgetown vi. 154. Its Address to the La-

dies, &c., vii. 238.

Female Col. Soc. of Washington City, viii. 190.
In Scotland: Ladies' Liberia Society at Edinburgh. Officers and Ma-

nagers, ix. 148, 149.
Backus, E. F. of New Haven, Conn., becomes a subscriber to A. C. S. on Gerrit

Smith's plan, iv. 186.
Bacon, Rev. Leonard. Extracts from his plea for Africa, i. 170.

His Letter, October 25, 1833, to Mr. Gurley, ix. 309.
January 2, 1831,

ix. 336.
His remarks at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. ix. 361.
His Publication, February 13, 1834, concerning the new organiza-

tion of A. C. S. x. 83.
His Resolutions adopted by the General Association of Connecticut,

X. 218.
Bacon, Lord. His remark that “heroic desires contribute greatly to health,” v.

Balch, Rev. Stephen, D. D. His death, September 22, 1833, and a Notice of his

Life and Character, ix. 243.
Bangor, (Me.), Classical School of, v. 246.
Bangs, Rev. Nathan, D.D. Extracts from his Colonization Sermon, July 4, 1827,

iii. 179.
Banneker, Benjamin, a black mon. An astronomer and Almanac-maker in Mary-

land, in 1739, and for several years afterwards, vii. 152.
Barker, Calvert and Lydia, Colonists. Letter from thein, April 9, 1833, ix. 189.
Barr, Rev. Joseph, Missionary to Liberia. Ordained in Philadelphia, October 12,

1832. Dies in Richmond, Va. of the Cholera, viii. 281.
Bascom, Rev. H. B. Some particulars concerning his agency for A. C. S., vi. 90.

181, 310. viii. 153. His Letter, May 5, 1931, vii. 138. His Letter, August
11, 1831. vii. 206. His Letter, April 19, 1832, viii. 58. His Letter, May 14,
1832, viii. 84. His Address before the Young Men's Col. Soc. in New York,

viii. 90. His Report, March 5, 20, 1833, ix. 23.
Bates, Isaac C., M. C. His remarks at the Fourteenth Annual Meeting of A. C.S.

vi. 370.
Bayard James. His Report to the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. from

the Committee on Agencies and Emigrants, ix. 373.
Bayard, Samuel J. Extract from his speech to the Col. Soc. of New Jersey, July,

1825, i. 283.
Bayley, Solomon, an aged Colonist. His brief account of the state of things in Li-

beria, ix. 236.
Becraft, Jonathan, ix. 126. [See Emancipation.]
Beecher, Rev. Dr. His speech at a Colonization Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1834,

X. 279.


Bell, Thomas, Commercial Agent of A. C. S. His card, June 20, 1834, acknow-

ledging certain liberal contributions in New York, for the benefit of the Colony,

x. 147.
Benezet, Anthony. His Letter to Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain, ii. 253. Tri-

bute to his memory by Dr. Rush, iv. 61.
Benham, Joseph S. His speech at the Fourteenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S.

vi. 373.
Bestor, Rev. Daniel P. President of the La Grange Col. Soc. (Ala.) Extracts

from his Address before it, May 3, 1830, vi. 129.
Bethune, Rev. G. W. His remarks at a Col. meeting in New York, x. 94.
Bevans, J. His vindication of A. C. S. ix. 272.
Bibb, Rev. Richard, ix. 29, 126. [See "Emancipation."]
Bickersteth, Edward, Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. His Letter,

October 5, 1826, to Bishop White, ii. 348.
Bird, Charles. His donation to the Colony. vi. 250.
Birney, James G. appointed permanent agent of A. C. S. for Tennessee, Alabama,

Mississippi, Louisiana, and the territory of Arkansas, viii. 285.
Reports, October 13, November 3, December 10, 12, 1832, of his proceed-

ings, viii. 344. Reports, April 8, 1833, ix. 57. April 13, 20, 21, 1833, ix. 91.
Extract from his letter, January 24, 1833, ix. 23.
His essays in favour of Colonization, ix. 171, 207, 239, 274, 311, 342.
Notice of his Address, Detober 14, 1833, before the Tennessee State Col.

Soc., ix. 278, 319.
His Speech on prospective gradual emancipation, before the “Kentucky

Society for the relief of the state from slavery,” from the Western Lu-

minary, March 5, 1833, x. 43. His warm approbation of A. C. S., X. 45.
Collections made by him, x. 64.
Rumor that he had withdrawn from A. C. S. and avowed opposition to its-

principles noticed by a correspondent of the Cincinnati Standard, June

13, 1834, x. 147.
Review of his Letter, July 15, 1834, to the Rev. Thornton J. Mills, against

the Colonization Society, x. 257.
Bissao, ii. 73.
Blackburn, Rev. Dr., ix. 126. [Set “Emancipation.")

Miss, vi. 283. [See “Emancipation.")
Blackford, Isiac. Review of his Address delivered at the first stated meeting of

the Indiana Col. Soc. at Indianapolis, December 14, 1829, vi. 65.
Blackford, William M. Extracts from his Address before the Aux. Col. Soc. of

Fredericksburg, Va. iv. 73.
Blumhardt, Dr. Theophilus, a director of the Basle, (Switzerland,). Evangelical

Missionary Society. His letters to the Managers of A.C.S. i. 323. iii. 362.
His letter to Mr. Ashmun, i. 324. See iii. 257.
His letters to Mr. Gurley, October 21, 1828, iv. 296, January 22, 1829,

v. 24, September 18, 1829, v. 285.

His letter to the Editor of the Philadelphian, January 24, 1830, vi. 29..
Bolivar, Simon, vii. 61. (See Emancipation."']
Bolton, C. vi. 283. [See Emancipation.]
Bornou, description of, ii. 257, 361.
Bowdich, T. E. Extracts from his Essay on the superstitions, customs and arts,

eommon to the antient Egyptians, Abyssinians and Ashantees, i. 204.
Review of his account of a Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee,

iv. 1, 33, 65, 97, 129.

Mrs. his widow. Her tale “ The Booroom Slave," v. 65.
Bradley, Dr. of Georgia, viii. 94. (See “Emancipation.”']
Brazil, [See “Slave Trade."]. Its population in 1819, vii. 151.
Breckinridge, Rev. R. J. His Letter, March 18, 1831, on a plan for the gradual

emancipation of slaves in Kentucky, vii. 49.
His Address, January 6, 1831, before the Col. Soc. of Kentucky, ati

Frankfort, vii. 161. See p. 185.
His hints on Colonization and Abolition, ix. 321.
Addresses the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of A. C. S. ix. 356.

His remarks at a Colonization Meeting in New York, x 93.
British African Colonization Society. Patron and officers, ix. 215.

West India population, vii. 152. Notice of the Eighth Annual Report of
the Ladies' Society for African education in the British West Indies, ix-277..

Brown. James, a colored man. His exposure of an imposition concerning the

Colony, ix. 201. x. 232.

Notice of his settlement at Liberia, and character, x. 218.
Brown, William, vi. 250. [See “Emancipation.]
Buffum, Arnold, President of the New England Anti-Slavery Society, viii. 247.
Buhrer, Rev. John, vi. 89. See Missions."
Bullock, David, iii. 283. See “Emancipation.".
Burr, Joseph, his legacies, iv. 93. See “ American Colonization Society.
Burruss, Rev. John C. Colonization agent, appointed by the Methodist Conference

for Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Extract from his letter, April 11,

1832, viji. 81.
Butler, Benjamin F. Extracts from his speech at the anniversary of the New York

State Col. Soc. April, 1830, vi. 161.
Cæsar, Rev. G. V. Goes to Liberia in Criterion, vii. 217.
Caffer tribes, account of, x. 222.
Caffraria, (See Kay:"} Remarks of Stephen Kay concerning it, vii. 317.
Caille, M. Rene. His journey to Timbuctoo, vi. 183.
Caius Gracchus and Opimius, [W. H. Fitzhugh]. Review of the Controversy be.

tween them, iii. 3, 33.
Caldwell, D. ix. 126. [See “Emancipation.”]

Elias B. His death and character, i. 126.

Robert, viii. 381. [See “ Emancipation.”]
Campbell, A. His donation of $500'to A. C. S. viii. 93.

Rev. G. W. His plan for augmenting the resources of A. C. S. iv. 378.

Subscriptions on this plan, v. 95.

Rev. John N. Addresses a public meeting at Albany, N. Y. ix. 249.
Canada. Resolutions of the House of Assembly of Ŭpper Canada, concerning the

rumored intention of the Canada company to introduce large bodies of

negro settlers into the province, vi. 28.
Colonization in Hayti and Canada, compared with Colonization in Li-

beria, viii. 225.
Carey, Mathew. Letter from him, iv. 270.

His essay in favor of colonization, v. 210.
Is preparing a second edition of his letters on the A. C. S. viii. 62,

86, 154.
Tribute of respect to him in Virginia. “Let him write, and a nation

reads." viii. 126, 127, 245.
Carper, Abraham, ix. 284. [See “ Emancipation.”]
Carroll, Charles, President of A. C. S. His death, and tribute to his memory,

viii. 316.
Cary, Rev. Lott, a colored man. Biographical sketch of him, i. 233, v. 10. His

testimony concerning the Colony, iii. 249. Extracts from his letter,
May 7, 1828, iv. 127. Extracts from the Colonial Journal transmitted
by him, iv. 132. Extracts from his letters, June 18, 19, 25, 17, 1828,
iv. 209. His death, Novenber 8, 1828, by an explosion of gunpow-

der, v. 2. 10. Notice of him, v. 119.
Case, Elibu. Donation of $200 to A. C. S. out of $1000 put by him into the

hands of his pastor, Rev. Allen M‘Lean, to be appropriated by the

latter to such charitable objects as he might select, v. 251.
Cayenne, conversation with Gen. Lafayette concerning, i. 37.
Chalmers, Dr. Thomas. His “Thoughts on Slavery," ii. 186.
Child, E. Agent of the Clarkson Society of Salem, Mass. Extracts from his Re-

port concerning A. C. S. i. 254.
Christianity, spirit of. Advice of a lady of Virginia to her servants, designed for

colonization, vii. 58.
Christian ladies, appeal to them on behalf of A. C. S. iv. 304, 350. [See Ladies.”]
«Civis.” His essay in favor of A. C. S. X. 47.
Clapperton, Lieut.' [See “Denham.”] Notice of a letter from him, dated Feb-
ruary 22, 1826, ii. 290. His death, April 13, 1827,

. 157. His second expe-
dition, v. 33. Extracts from his last Journal, v. 208.
Clark, Lucius H. Agent for the State of New York. Extract of his letter, April

9, 1832, viii. 80. Extract of his letter, June 5, 1832, viii. 115.
Clarke, Matthew St. Clair. His report to the seventeenth annual meeting concern.
ing Auxiliary and other Oolonization Societies, ix. 370.

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Clarkson, Thomas. Extract of a letter from, to E. Cresson, concerning Coloniza.

tion, viii. 257.
Clay, Henry, M. C. His address at the tenth annual meeting of A. C. S. January

20, 1827, ii. 334. His remarks at the twelfth annual meeting, &c. iv. 367. No.
tice of his address to the Col. Soc. of Kentucky, at Frankfort, December 17,
1829, v. 315. The address, vi. 1. Veto, by the President of the U. S. of his
Land Bill, containing an appropriation of the proceeds of the sale of the pub-

lic lands for five years among the several States, viii. 381.
Claybaugh, Rev. Joseph. Extracts from his discourse in Chillicothe, Ohio, July

4, 1830, vii. 81.
Cleaveland, Johnson.. x. 251. [See Emancipation.”]
Clergyman in Mississippi, A, becomes a subscriber on Gerrit Smith's plan, iv. 252.
Cloud, Rev. John, a missionary to Africa, ix. 284. His death x. 154.
Coiner, Robert, ix. 284. [See Emancipation.”]
Coleridge, Samuel T. Extracts from his writings, i. 247, 289, v. 183.
Colonization. [See “ American Colonization Society.] Remarks on it, from the

N. Y. Statesman, i. 214. Proposed Colonization on the northern coast

of Africa, vii. 250.
In Canada and Hayti compared with colonization in Liberia, viii. 225.
Opinion of the (London) Foreign Quarterly Review concerning it, ix. 87.
A moral experiment, ix. 339.
Extract from the “Journal of Freedom” concerning it, x. 115.

"Some reasons for not abandoning it,” from the N. Y. Observer, x. 293.
Colonizationist, a periodical publication at Boston, ix. 92. Discontinued, X. 191.
COLORED PEOPLE. (See "France,Friends, Society of,Hayti,“Negroes,”

Remarks from the New York Observer, on the colored population of the

United States, i. 316.
Benefits of affording religious instruction to the people of color; extracts

from a sermon of the Rev. Richard Watson, i. 326.
Library for blacks, in Philadelphia, i. 383.
Proportion of colored to white convicts in the State Penitentiary of

Pennsylvania, i. 384.
Society of Ladies in England for the education and improvement of co-

lored children in the West Indies, ii. 8.
Extracts from the first annual report of the Prison Discipline Society,

showing the degraded character of the colored population in the Unit-

ed States, ii. 152.
Society for African educa' on, in Newark, N.J. ii. 163. Its plan of ap-

propriating, for the benefit of its school, Gen. Kosciuszko’s legacy, ii.

African Female Tract Association of the City of New York, ii. 290.
Memorial of the free people of color to the citizes of Baltimore, ii. 295.
Arrival of sixty or seventy free people of color in Indiana, under the

patronage of the Society of Friends in North Carolina, iii. 25.
African Free Schools in U. S. iii. 271.
Decision of the Supreme Court of Ohio, deciding that the law of the

State, regulating the settlement of colored people therein, is constitu-

tional, v. 185.
A branch of the Society for the religious education of the blacks, com-

menced at Bermuda, v. 250.
A new Congregational church, composed entirely of people of color, at

New Haven, Conn, v. 252.
Encouragement by the British, of the emigration of free blacks to Ca-

nada, v. 315.
A colored man saves, by abstaining from ardent spirits for 25 years,

enough grog money to buy a library worth $400, ii. 381.
Colony of colored ole in Canada, vi. 27.
Progress of temperance among them in Philadelphia, vi. 183.
Effects of the Gospel among them. vi. 185.
Revivals among them in Rochester, vi. 61.
Opinion of a free man of color in Savannah, Geo. concerning A. C. S.

vii. 216.

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