Secret, The (telugu)

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Manjul Publishing House Pvt Limited, 2010 - Happiness - 198 pages
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Loy Machedo's Book Review - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Want to heal breast cancer by watching funny movies?
• Want to eat anything you wish and magically have just 8 percent body fat?
• Need to heal and re-grow a diseased kidney with only the power of your mind?
• Want to receive cheques of money mystically sent to your postal address every week or month?
• Want to know what Shakespeare, Beethoven, Leonardo, Socrates, Plato, Goethe, Newton, and Einstein knew – but which no one else – not even historians (except this author)
Let me introduce Rhonda Byrne - Australian TV Producer for the TV Series ‘Sensing Murder’; who my friends is also the money minting-author of the most absurd nonsensical feel-good book of the century ‘The Secret’ that was unfortunately purchased by 4 million sad, hope-deprived souls worldwide (another 2 million idiots purchased the DVD – with me included in both categories).
What is this book about?
Simply put ‘The secret’. A secret to everything in the world – wealth, health, happiness, world peace and everything you can possibly dream of.
To put it in a nutshell, the secret according to this author is called the Law of attraction which governs the universe and everything in it. The law apparently states, we are like magnets and our thoughts are a kind of attracting forces that attract whatever we think. So in other words – our thoughts are things.
And then to scare the living daylights out of grammatically challenged human beings, she further sputters “The law of attraction . . . is as impartial and impersonal as the law of gravity.” It is “the mightiest power in the Universe.”
She also colossally and idiotically states : “The law of attraction doesn’t compute ‘don’t’ or ‘not’ or ‘no,’ or any other words of negation” — so if I think, “I don’t want to catch the flu,” I’m actually telling the Universe, “I want the flu and I want to catch more things.” (The example is Byrne’s.)
Where Rhonda Byrne unforgivably gets indistinguishable from most of the self-proclaimed lunatics who actually believe in their metaphysical crap is when she vomits “Often when people first hear this part of the Secret they recall events in history where masses of lives were lost, and they find it incomprehensible that so many people could have attracted themselves to the event. By the law of attraction, they had to be on the same frequency as the event. It doesn’t necessarily mean they thought of that exact event, but the frequency of their thoughts matched the frequency of the event.”
So in other words our honorable author believes that people who have died in a Tsunami, or the millions of unfortunate souls who lost loved ones in a war, or the thousands of children who are born with unfortunate sickness or handicaps – are because people attracted this curse to themselves??? I mean, I would love to take Rhonda to a mother who has just lost her child in an accident and hear her say to the unfortunate woman – Yes, YOU attracted this to your baby!
And if you this she is the only one who is totally nuts – remember there are many more like her on this planet. I even remember one NLP & Life Coach whom I had gone to for training, had actually stated this nonsense with absolute conviction to a poor young girl who was born deformed – by blaming her for her condition!
Now keeping all the trash aside, the question does arise as to why this book has sold so many copies?
On one hand she has made her frivolously audacious dogma tailored to appeal to a lazily bored, hope-deprived, sentimentally-religious, miracle-hoping, relationship-devoid, physically-overweight, career-failed, financially-foolish audience a secret, coated in a conspiracy theory like the ‘Da Vinci Code’ by packaging and marketing it as a ‘miracle pill’ to solve all problems. And to add power to punch, she quotes the run-of-the-mill motivational speakers who may have had a onetime success (like Jack Canfield) and then baptizes them with fancy

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