Handbook of meat inspection

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William R. Jenkins, 1907 - 884 pages
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Page 10 - Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a wen, or scurvy, or scabbed, ye shall not offer these unto the LORD, nor make an offering by fire of them upon the altar unto the LORD.
Page xxii - ... any gross lesions In the carcass albeit they are noxious and repugnant. Direct proof of this Is found In the literature of meat poisoning, the great majority of which cases could be directly traced to eating the meat of cattle slaughtered In emergency without any noticeable changes being observed In the tissues on post-mortem examination. The Interests of the...
Page 72 - ... William, by the grace of God, German Emperor, King of Prussia, etc., decree in the name of the Empire, the assent of the Federal Council and of the Reichstag having been obtained, aa follows: 1.
Page 88 - ... meat by dealers in meat and eating-house keepers are allowed only upon permission from the police authorities; this permission shall be revocable at any time. Such meat shall be delivered to the above-mentioned tradesmen only in case such a permit has been granted to them. In the places of business of these persons it must be made especially evident, by means of an intelligible notice in a conspicuous place, that meat of the quality designated in paragraph 1 is sold or used. Dealers in meat shall...
Page 659 - ... varying in size from that of a bean to that of a human fist, which apparently do not readily disintegrate on exposure to the weather. The second stage of alteration, due to further weathering, yields a compact mass, the so-called
Page 900 - Veterinary Adviser A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Disease in Domestic Animals. This is one of the best works on...
Page 68 - ... which, in the case of communities with public slaughterhouses, the sale of fresh meat may be subjected to restrictions, especially to compulsory inspection within the community, shall remain intact, with the proviso that their enforcement shall not be made dependent upon the origin of the meat. 21. In the industrial preparation of meat no materials or processes shall be used that can render the articles injurious to health. It is forbidden to import such prepared meat from foreign countries or...
Page 903 - A work to which the students of human or veterinary medicine, the sanitarian, agriculturist or breeder or rearer of animals, may refer for full information regarding the external and internal Parasites — vegetable and animal — which attack various species of Domestic Animals.
Page xxii - Is delivered to the abattoir Inspector in order that the animal may be properly Identified on the killing floor. It Is then held for final disposition on postmortem examination, with the exception of those animals that have been rejected for advanced pregnancy and recent parturition. These latter may be held until they have fully recovered from the parturient state (ten days) and then slaughtered ; or In case they are not affected with, or have not been exposed to, any Infectious disease they may...
Page 907 - A complete, plain, practical and authoritative guide to the production, inspection, analysis, handling and distribution of milk for veterinary, agricultural and dairy students, farmers, health officers, milk Inspectors, practical dairymen, sanitarians, country gentlemen, physicians and others Interested In matters pertaining to dairying and hygiene. WTSfAN. (')" Bovine Obstetric*." By MG De Bruin. Translated by WEA Wyman, MDV.V.8. See also "De Bruin.

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